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We partner with a wide range of carriers that are all highly rated, many that you already know and trust like Progressive, Nationwide and Safeco. Part of our selection process includes a review of the company’s financial strength and stability, customer service levels and product offerings. 

Definitely not. Major differences exist within the fine print of your policy and even the extra bells and whistles vary. The key is the know the differences between companies, policies and products. We can help you decide on the most important aspects to get the coverage you need.

All insurance companies have different underwriting requirements and the more info we can provide up front means the better we can determine which company would be best. And, most importantly, we want to make sure you get every single discount available. 

Rates are going up and we expect that trend to continue into next year. The cost of rental vehicles, delays in finding parts for repairs, shortages of supplies and inflation are all contributing to the rise in insurance costs. 

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