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General Liability Insurance

General liability is the basic business liability coverage that every business needs and is often the first policy purchased. Typical coverage limits start at $1 Million but can be raised or lowered depending on your needs.

Legal defense costs are included in this coverage as well.

What are the basics of General Liability?

  • Coverage is state-specific, with regulations that can vary from state to state.
  • Coverages provided include:
    • bodily injury
    • medical expenses
    • damages to someone else's property
    • personal injury
    • advertising injury
  • Property coverage is not included.

What Is Needed for a Quote?

Getting a general liability quote is super easy, and most are returned within 15 minutes. The type of business and complexity of the risk profile will determine the availability of quotes.

  • Business contact info, including mailing address, phone number and email
  • Owner information, including date of birth
  • Description of the work you do and services you provide
  • Total number of employees excluding the owner and an estimate for annual payroll excluding the owner
  • Estimated annual revenue

Commonly Asked Questions

What is general liability insurance coverage?

A general liability insurance policy protects businesses from claims that result from normal business operations. Get a business liability insurance policy for protection from medical expenses, damages to someone else's property, personal injury, and advertising injury.

What does general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance – or business liability insurance – protects your small business from claims that occur during your normal business operations, such as:

  • Property damage
  • Physical injury
  • Defense costs
  • Personal and advertising injury
Who needs general liability insurance coverage?

Examples of businesses that use general liability insurance are:

  • Artisan contractors
  • Small business owners
  • Landscaping companies
  • IT contractors
  • Real estate agents
  • Consulting
  • Marketing

If you still need guidance on whether general liability insurance is right for you, Abbott Insurance here to help.

How much is general liability insurance?

The cost of general liability insurance is based on your specific business needs. Factors that influence the cost include:

  • Type of work
  • Location
  • Number of employees

Your business is unique, and so are the risks. Abbott Insurance can help you find the right policy for your business.

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