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The commercials are everywhere – saving money on car insurance is big business, but not all auto insurance policies are created equal. Knowing how to maximize discounts and staying aware of policy restrictions can help you get the coverage you need without overpaying.

What are the best discounts?

  • Telematics – Driving history can reduce your premium by up to 30% for the life of the policy.
  • Multiple Policies – Insurance carriers love it when you have more than one policy with them, and they give discounts to prove it.
  • Safety Features – Vehicles with blind spot warnings, lane change assist and alarms are all cheaper to insure.
  • Driver's Courses – Even online courses save you money.

Commonly Asked Questions

What's the difference between Full Coverage and Liability Only?

Full coverage has several different definitions, so be sure to clarify whenever speaking to an agent about coverage.

Typically, full coverage indicates you’ve selected coverage for your vehicle. You’ll select a deductible representing the amount you will retain for any loss, typically $500 for Comprehensive and Collision.

Liability only indicates you’ve declined coverage for your own vehicle but wish to maintain the legally required coverage for your liability to others. No deductible applies to 3rd party coverage.

If I rent a car for vacation, does my insurance cover that?

This is one of those areas where all policies are not created equal. Many policies are written so that coverage will transfer to the rental vehicle just the same as if you were driving your own car. That means if you didn’t purchase the coverage for your own car, then that coverage won’t exist for a rental vehicle.

Some policies are more restrictive and won’t extend coverage to temporary vehicles. Always check your policy or call us for clarification.

Can I let anyone drive my car?

Again, this is another example of a difference between many car insurance policies.

Some insurance policies will allow permissive drivers to use your vehicle as long as they don’t live in the household and meet other policy requirements.

Other policies will not provide any coverage at all unless the driver is named on the policy.

Check your policy and check those coverages when getting a quote. We can help with that to ensure no surprises during a claim.

Even if you’re no longer in business, switched careers, or no longer have the policy, you will still be responsible for completing audits on prior years. It’s also not nearly as bad as any other audit you’ve experienced – everything is straightforward, and we can always assist when needed.

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