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Find products specifically designed to meet the needs of American residents and businesses looking for great coverage that exceeds standard Mexican coverage.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How long does the purchase process take?

Quotes can be obtained in seconds, and policies can be purchased within 5 minutes.

You can purchase the policy entirely online or call us to go over your specific scenario.

Who is this coverage for?

Mexipass coverage is intended to provide quality coverage that meet American insurance standards.

Many used to have to buy policies last minute at the border and had no way of knowing what kind of coverage was purchased.

Mexipass provides policies that are specifically suited to the needs of Americans.

Is this just for car insurance?

There is a wide array of products available that include personal insurance for autos, homes and family protection.

Comprehensive business solutions are available as well for liability, property and commercial auto risks for American entitites operating in Mexico.

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