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Motorcycle Insurance

Coverage starts at $75 a year. From the basics to specialized coverage, we have options available for what you need.

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is required in nearly all states, and getting caught without it could get you a fine, a suspended license, or even jail time. Minimum liability requirements are fulfilled through motorcycle policies, and additional coverages can be added on for riding gear, personal belongings, and other modifications you've done to your bike.

What other kind of bikes can I insure?

Insurance is available for whatever kind of bike you choose! Here are examples of the types of bikes we can insure:

Electric Bikes

E-bikes have battery powered motors that assist with pedaling

Sport Bikes

High performance bikes that are built for speed and sometimes known as street bikes


The most common type of motorcycle on the road today! This one usually have a full-view engine

Dirt Bikes

The lightweight bikes with rugged tires meant to handle off-roading

Scooters & Mopeds

Any of the small, lightweight vehicles powered by a small engine

Vintage Bikes

Classic or collectibles that are over 25 years old and have been restored

Commonly Asked Questions

Is my helmet and riding gear covered?

You can purchase coverage for your helmet and any other riding gear you might have. You can even select coverage for personal belongings you have with you while riding. Most policies will pay replacement cost for coverage on riding gear. Be sure to review your policy to make sure you have this coverage.

How is the cost of motorcycle insurance determined?

Insurance companies consider a lot of factors and here are some of the biggest that impact your price:

  1. Riding history
  2. Type of bike
  3. Age
  4. Location
  5. Coverages selected
  6. Association memberships
What is typically NOT covered by motorcycle insurance?

There are few common situations where motorcycle insurance will not provide coverage:

  1. Motorcycle insurance won't provide coverage for you if you ride in competitions or track days.
  2. If you use your motorcycle for business purchases, it won't be covered by your personal motorcycle policy
  3. Normal wear and tear is not covered


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