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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance means you can focus on enjoying precious moments with your furry friend instead of stressing about unexpected vet bills, strengthening the heartfelt bond between you and your pet.


But good veterinary care can be expensive. You never want to be put in a position where you must choose between life-saving modern veterinary care and your wallet. A pet health insurance plan can help cover the cost of the care your pets need without causing financial hardship in your budget.

Why explore pet insurance?

Coverage is customizable. Choose from different comprehensive policy options and a range of reimbursement percentages, deductible amounts and annual maximums to get the perfect policy for your pet.

What options are available?

1. Accident and Illness coverage

This policy alone will not cover the costs of routine tests and procedures but does provide coverage for those unexpected events such as:

  • Accidental injuries
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Ingestion of a foreign object
  • and more

2. Accidents, Illnesses, and Wellness

This policy has everything included in the Accident & Illness policy, with fixed amounts to help offset the cost of routine care:

Wellness Benefit 0
of covered expenses incurred up to:
Routine Dental Cleaning
Routine Dental Cleaning

And More!

Routine Dental Cleaning

Commonly Asked Questions

What Pets Are Eligible?

Cats and dogs who are eight weeks or older.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Your pets deserve the best, and pet insurance makes caring for them as easy as possible. Once you purchase the policy, take your pet to their veterinarian for a covered treatment and pay for the bill. Submit a claim through the available pet portal for reimbursement.

Can I Get Coverage For Multiple Pets?

Absolutely! Each pet will have their own policy and premium, and each additional pet policy qualifies for a discount.

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