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Using Smart Home Products to Minimize Risks

Have you ever thought about how your smart home gadgets could actually save you money on insurance? You read that right! Your smart devices aren't just about convenience. They can also help in minimizing risks and keeping your insurance premiums in check. Learn how these innovative devices not only make life easier but also help you save on insurance while keeping your home safer.

Water Leak Sensors: Keeping Drips from Becoming Disasters

Water damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Just pop these sensors near your pipes, water heater, or anywhere water might cause trouble. They'll keep an eye out for leaks and alert you at the first sign of trouble. Catching leaks early means less damage to your home—and less damage to your wallet, too, since insurance companies often reward proactive leak prevention with lower premiums.

Freeze Sensors: Winter is coming

Every year, we hear the same thing about the dangers of frozen pipes. But with sensors to help detect dangerously low temps, you can stop damage in its tracks. These handy gadgets monitor the temperature in key areas of your home and alert you if things start to get too cold.

Smart Locks: Locking Down Your Home

We've all had those moments of panic—did I remember to lock the door? With smart locks, that worry becomes a thing of the past. These high-tech gadgets offer more than just the ability to lock and unlock your doors remotely. They can also keep a digital eye on who's coming and going, and some even let you give out temporary codes for guests or service workers.

Smart Plugs: Did I turn that off?

Never worry again if you’ve turn off that appliance. These tiny devices let you remotely monitor and control the power usage of your electronics. Worried you left the iron on? Just check your phone and turn it off with a tap. Any steps you take to reduce the potential for fire is always a good thing.

Smart Lights: Using Light as Home Security

Most think of alarm systems as the first line of defense against a break-in, but lights can be a great place to start. Smart lights take things up a notch by letting you control your home's illumination from anywhere. Set up schedules to make it look like someone's home even when you're away, or have lights turn on automatically when motion is detected.

Smart Homes are more than just doorbells and motion lights, and certainly more than just cool toys. They can be incredibly valuable in reducing the risk of damage to your home, and many can be automated to make it even easier on you. If you’ve recently made any changes to your home to reduce risk and want to review your policy to see if you are eligible for discounts, give our office a call.