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Summer Fun, Hidden Risks: Don’t Let Your Insurance Take a Dive

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, and many Kansas City families are looking to enhance their outdoor spaces with playground equipment, pools, and trampolines. These additions can provide hours of enjoyment for both kids and adults, but they also come with a set of risks that might affect your homeowner’s insurance policy. At our independent insurance agency, we want to make sure you’re fully covered and aware of any potential gaps in your insurance.

The Hidden Risks of Summer Additions

While adding a new playground set, pool, or trampoline can make your home the neighborhood hotspot, these fun additions can also increase the likelihood of accidents. Injuries can occur, and property damage can happen, leading to significant financial costs if not properly insured. Here’s what you need to know about how these summer investments might impact your insurance coverage.

Playgrounds: More Than Just Fun and Games

Playground equipment is a fantastic way to keep kids active and entertained. However, it also comes with risks that might not be immediately obvious:

  • Injury Risks: Falls from swings, slides, or climbing structures can lead to broken bones or other serious injuries.
  • Liability: If a neighbor's child gets injured while playing on your equipment, you could be held liable.

Insurance Tip: Ensure your homeowner’s insurance policy includes liability coverage that accounts for potential playground-related injuries. Discuss with your agent about increasing your liability limits if necessary.

Pools: Cool Fun, but High Risk

A swimming pool is a great way to beat the Kansas City heat, but it’s also one of the biggest risks you can add to your property:

  • Drowning Hazards: Pools present a significant risk for drowning, especially for young children.
  • Slips and Falls: Wet surfaces around the pool can cause slip-and-fall injuries.

Insurance Tip: Most insurance policies require you to inform them about the addition of a pool. Failure to do so could result in a denial of coverage if an accident occurs. Additionally, consider adding an umbrella policy for extra liability protection.

Trampolines: Jumping into Potential Liability

Trampolines are another popular addition that can lead to both fun and injuries:

  • Injury Risks: Sprains, fractures, and head injuries are common with trampoline use.
  • Insurance Issues: Some insurance companies may exclude trampolines from coverage altogether or require you to meet specific safety criteria.

Insurance Tip: Check with your insurance provider to see if trampolines are covered under your policy. You might need to take extra safety measures, such as installing a net enclosure, to maintain your coverage.

Steps to Take for Proper Coverage
  1. Inform Your Insurance Provider: Always notify your insurance company when you add new structures or equipment to your home. This ensures you have the necessary coverage.
  2. Review Your Policy: Regularly review your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand what is covered and what might require additional coverage.
  3. Consider Additional Coverage: Look into umbrella policies or increased liability limits to cover the added risks associated with playground equipment, pools, and trampolines.
  4. Implement Safety Measures: For all new additions, follow safety guidelines to reduce the risk of accidents. This not only helps keep everyone safe but can also favorably impact your insurance premiums.

Summer is a great time to enhance your home with fun outdoor additions, but it’s essential to consider the insurance implications. At our independent insurance agency in Kansas City, we’re here to help you navigate these changes and ensure you have the coverage you need. Don’t let an oversight spoil your summer fun—reach out to us today to review your policy and make sure you’re fully protected.

By staying informed and proactive, you can enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer without worrying about unexpected costs. Contact us for a policy review or with any questions you might have about adding playground equipment, pools, or trampolines to your home.